2023 Ethos Li

Off-grid doesn’t have to mean dry-camping anymore. With the Ethos Li’s 48V lithium power system and 200 watts of roof-mounted solar panels, take luxury on and off the road. Hydronic heating can be run off the electricity from solar panels, meaning hot showers are possible on your next adventure off the beaten path. A little closer to neighboring campers? Rear magnetic privacy shades and a removable privacy shade for the sliding door window mean you don’t have to share your activities with the whole campground.

2023 Ethos Li

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2023 Ethos Li|20AL


2023 Ethos Li|20DL


2023 Ethos Li|20TL


Ward = wardrobe

Lav = bathroom sink

Med = medicine cabinet

Ohc = overhead cabinets

Fridge = refrigerator

Micro = microwave

Exterior Graphics