7 Tips to become more comfortable driving a motorhome

For those thinking about buying a motorhome, one of the biggest curiosities is what it’s like to drive one. The truth is many owners come to love travel days. Practice and experience are, of course, part of the equation, but there are also some simple steps any motorhome owner can take that make driving more comfortable. Here are just a few of the ways motorhome owners new and old get comfortable and confident behind the wheel.

1. It starts on the dealer’s lot

If you have the chance to take a test drive in a unit you’re interested in, don’t miss it. It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with how a unit performs and, maybe most importantly, how it feels. Even if you aren’t taking a unit on the road, take some time to sit behind the wheel: check sightlines, familiarize yourself with the systems and definitely ask your dealer questions. Liking how you feel in the captain’s seat before you buy will go a long way towards enjoying your motorhome down the road, literally.

2. Take your own test drive

Whether it’s your first motorhome or your fifth, every driver should take their unit out, in as controlled an environment as possible, before hitting the highway for the first time. Find an empty parking lot or lightly traveled road and perform all the basic maneuvers: signaling, changing lanes, parking, backing up, familiarizing yourself with any cameras and monitors. This is a good time to work on how you’ll communicate with your copilot too.   

3. Learn how to communicate

Another pair of eyes and ears is invaluable. Establish a communication plan with your copilot for common maneuvers: changing lanes, parking, backing up, etc. Sure, the scenery may be tough to ignore sometimes, but knowing you have a partner adds confidence. This includes hand signals for pulling in and out of campsites.  

front of an Entegra Coach luxury motorhome4. Take a walk around

Another method for building confidence on the road is walking around the unit before each departure. Not only can you check on lights, tires, cameras and other equipment, but it refamiliarizes you with the size and scale of your unit. It’s a good way to get your mind ready for the ride.  

5. Plan for breaks

Driving a motorhome requires a little more concentration and effort than your everyday car, but there’s an easy way to manage this. Veteran motorhome drivers often plan their trips with a few more stops between point A and point B. This provides the opportunity to refresh mentally and physically in the living area, with a homemade snack or power nap. If the wind picks up or visibility diminishes, don’t hesitate to pull off the road for a few minutes until things calm down or you’re ready to go.

6. Take advantage of technology

Knowing what to expect makes focusing on the road so much easier, and there are a lot of ways you can use a smartphone to help. Whether it’s knowing where to find cheap fuel; upcoming clearances, grades and weather; or how the rules of the road change between states, there’s an app for that. Having those resources to back you up provides great peace of mind…you can read more about a few of our favorites here.

7. Choose Entegra Coach

At Entegra Coach we believe the journey should be just as enjoyable as the destination, so we do everything in our power to make driving comfortable for everyone. It’s why we go to great lengths to add features to our motorhomes that provide a higher level of performance. Our luxury diesel coaches use a Cab-Forward Design to enhance visibility in front of and around the coach, make turning and cruising less strenuous and provide for an overall more comfortable experience for any driver. And our gas Class A and Class C motorhomes feature E-Z Drive®, a package of premium ride and handling gear that reduces road shock and stabilizes the unit.